7 Proven Ways on How To Beat Anxiety

Let’s admit it, social anxiety can be depressing. It can keep you feeling trapped and even hinder you from imagining about ever redeeming yourself from the situation in which it places you. As is the case with most people suffering from this form of anxiety, you probably spend the better part of your day wrestling fears and hiding what you feel from others. Sometimes, you make scary predictions, most of which do not necessarily see the light of the day.

Typically, anxiety manifests itself through symptoms such as having sleeping difficulties, general poor concentration and strained relationships with those around you.

If all these symptoms describe you, there are good news for you today. Social anxiety is remediable, and it doesn’t cost you much to control it. It’s all about observing some easy-to-adapt habits that have been proven to reduce and defuse it. Read on to understand the seven key ways on how to beat anxiety.

  1. Acknowledged your condition

Most are the times anxiety sufferers tend to own their condition as their fault. This translates to hiding their feelings from others and this may last for some months or years before those around them can recognize the symptoms. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Remember that you remain to be the great, unique person you’ve always been. You are only suffering from anxiety. By understanding this and acknowledging your condition, you will find it easier to share your feelings and thoughts with those close to you. By opening up and accepting to face the truth, you open a door to fixing the issue.

  1. Make yourself vulnerable to the fears leading to your anxiety

Running away from your anxieties only make them stronger. For example, hiding from facing people only increases your fear to interact with them. However, allowing yourself to mingle and interact with these people helps to diminish that anxiety. Set aside some time and allow yourself to worry and be vulnerable to your fears and anything causing your social anxiety. This should only last a short time after which you should stop. During this time, closely evaluate all the possible scenarios, both best and worst case scenarios, and their outcomes, before coming up with feasible game plans on how to tackle each case.

  1. Learn how to use affirmations

Various studies show that the type of words you use can have a profound effect on how you feel. In the same vein, it has been found that most anxiety sufferers use deleterious and degrading words that negatively impact their self-esteem.

These words propagate your anxiety and common fears and consequently result in causing anxious thoughts as well as physical symptoms associated with anxiety.

However, you can learn how to defeat this condition by replacing the negative words with affirmations that promote your self-worth feelings and more control over your life. This should help you tackle your anxious feelings in the long run.

  1. Mind your diet

When you are anxious, it is possible to experience a drastic change in appetite. For some, the appetite shrinks while others develop cravings for certain foods. However, it is important to understand that this is a crucial moment for your body and that it needs your support to get out of this miserable situation.

Increase your intake of Vitamin B, whole-grain carbs and foods rich in omega-3 oils. Vitamin B is important in enhancing your mental health while omega-3 oils are known to reduce common symptoms of anxiety. Whole grain carbohydrates on the other hand help to regulate the level of serotonin, a body component responsible for helping us remain calm.

  1. Learn to breathe and meditate

Deep breathing and meditation are two vital tools used to reduce anxiety. Taking long and strong breaths help signal your brain that everything is calm. This is why short and shallow breaths are regarded as indicators of anxiety and stress.

On the other hand, meditation offers an excellent opportunity for your brain to relax, and substantially lowering your anxiety. Numerous studies indicate that meditating on a regular basis can have a huge positive effect on your moods and anxiety levels.

  1. Be rational in your expectations

It is tempting for us to imagine of leading perfect lives as ideal and worth pursuing. However, you need to accept that there are numerous stresses to stumble on along your way and that life can at times be messy. With this in mind, you should be able to keep a rational outlook in everything you do. This will mean staying clear of unrealistic thoughts and fantasies and instead focusing on being more real and objective regarding your expectations in life.

Avoid stressing over presenting yourself in a perfect image. Rather, allow others to understand that you’ve got an imperfect side as well. This will significantly lower the tension that comes with trying too much, especially in pleasing people.

In a nutshell, avoid perfectionism at all cost. Keep your expectations modest and mind little about what others think of you.

  1. Seek professional help

This should perhaps be the last resort after exhausting all other available avenues regarding how to reduce anxiety. A few things may prompt you to take this step, chief among them being that the social anxiety is stopping you from accomplishing things you want to do in life. Additionally, it could be that perhaps your condition is getting out of your control.

If you have reached such extents, then it is advisable for you to seek help from a certified professional such as therapist specializing in treating anxiety disorders. The expert will be better placed to evaluate your condition and assist you accordingly.

Additional tips on how to beat anxiety

  • – Increase your interactions with people
  • – Try out smelling some calming oils such as basil and chamomile
  • – Make good plans and schedules in advance
  • – Get enough sleep
  • – Reward yourself for every progress made


Ideally, no one would want to generate thoughts that would lead to anxiety or stress. However, with the uncertainty that life presents to us and the fact that we are human, it is inevitable that we’ll fall into the worry trap at some point which can then advance to social anxiety.

Nevertheless, social anxiety is treatable and manageable. It may take a little while to overcome but once that is achieved, you cannot help to notice the beauty that comes with it. It’s my hope that the seven tips outlined in the post on how to beat anxiety will be of valuable assistance to you.